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DueDil's best 'hidden' function

What is the best 'hidden' function of DueDil that you were previously unaware of that once discovered, made DueDil even better?



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    Faye Richards

    Hi David,

    We've been asking around the office here at DueDil and have decided on two different hidden functions that we wanted to share with you:

    1. Report View
      The report view can be used to understand any trends in your customer base or prospect lists, whether this is by turnover, industry segments or locations you can really understand your client/prospect base better so you can align quicker to the market. 

    2. Possible Matches on Director Profiles
      On each individual directors profile, you can find a possible matches box which will surface any directors we deem to potentially be the same person (based on name and date of birth). This information is very difficult to find elsewhere- 

    Did you know about these hidden gems?

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