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DueDil Insight: The Credit Scores of UK Companies in 2019

This week we are shining a light on the Credit Health of UK Companies. Whilst it's great to see so (relatively) few UK companies within the UK economy that are considered to be 'High Risk', what's surprising is that almost 900,000 companies are 'Not Rated'. 

A company may be 'Not Rated' for a number of reasons, but this is usually an indication that something is not quite right, and may be a red flag if you are assessing the company as a potential supplier/customer. 

A couple of reasons for a company having a 'Not Rated' credit score could be:

  • The company could be non-trading/dormant
  • The company may be late in filing their financial statement (only applicable to companies older than 19 months). In other words, the financial information available to the Credit Referencing Agency is too old to use to make an assessment
  • A query may have been raised during the analysis of their financial information, meaning that a rating couldn't be given until further investigation has taken place

Are you surprised by the split?






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