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DueDil Insight: How many New Startups are there currently in the UK?


It’s no secret that the entrepreneurial economy in the UK is booming, with startups popping up all over the country. In this weeks’ insight we have held a magnifying glass over the number of companies that have been incorporated in the UK in the last 12 months.

A total of 698,762 companies have been incorporated in the last year in the UK which accounts for a very healthy 16% of the UK economy*. 219,113 of those companies sit within London, and a whopping 479,649 new companies have been incorporated in the rest of the UK. 

Based on these figures, how many startups do you think we can expect to see incorporated in 2020?

Tune in next week to get the inside scoop on startup growth in the UK! 


*discounting public sector 





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