Can I upload a list of companies into DueDil to follow? | DueDil

Can I upload a list of companies into DueDil to follow?

Uploading a list to DueDil is great workflow tool which can help you to append data onto your existing customer, supplier or prospect list and get updates on the companies in the list.  

To upload your list, go to the Saved Lists page and click the green 'New List' button.  Name your list and click 'Create'.  Then you can choose a file to upload (which must be a CSV), and once its loaded, match the columns in your list to DueDil data fields. 

Company matching

We match the companies in your list to companies in DueDil using a variety of information: company number, company name, postcode, website, contact email and telephone number.

For the most reliable matches, use company number.  This is a unique identifier and will match to the exact company.

If you don't have company numbers in your list, try to match on as much other information as possible.

Once you've matched your list, click 'Start matching' and the list will upload.  You can continue working on DueDil - you'll receive an email when it's complete.

You'll also receive a feedback CSV file, showing you which companies we've matched to which companies, to help you sense check to matching.

Both the uploading and storing of your file is completely secure in line with our ISO27001 certification. There is no need for an NDA as all of our data is handled with the same level of security (as before, in line with our ISO27001 compliance). All data is treated as our most sensitive data is, and as such will be subject to measures like restricted internal access controls. We never share your data.