Can I find companies of a certain size? | DueDil

Can I find companies of a certain size?

There are many different ways to define company size, often either number of employees, or a financial metric like turnover or net assets.  On the Find companies page, we have provided a range of filters to help you tailor your search to how your company defines size.

To search by size, select the size filter category, select the relevant filters, and adjust the range.

Smaller companies do not have to file figures like turnover or employee numbers.  For these filters you will be able to choose whether to include or exclude companies who haven't reported that figure.  If you don't want to, you can use an alternative figure like EBITDA, a measure of performance, or net assets, a measure of a company's property.

In our List Reports, DueDil defines size through both turnover and number of employees.


  • N/A - companies which do not report turnover
  • Small - min turnover to £6.5M
  • Medium - £6.5M - £50M
  • Large - £50M - £500M
  • XL - £500M - max turnover


  • N/A - companies which do not report number of employees
  • Small - 0-49 employees
  • Medium - 50-199 employees
  • Large - 200-999 employees
  • XL - 1000+ employees