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Can I find companies in a certain industry?

There are two different ways to filter by industry on DueDil.  They can be used alone or in combination to create broad or specific industry segments.

SIC codes

SIC codes are official industry classifications used by Companies House, the Company Registration Office and the Office of National Statistics.  Companies need to file an SIC code with the relevant registration body.  They were defined in 2003 and again in 2007; you can use both years to search.

SIC codes are particularly useful for creating broad industry segments, and finding traditional industries like manufacturing, or legal professions.  They are less useful for finding very niche segments, or newer industries like cloud services or financial technology.

To search by SIC code, navigate to the Industry category and pick the 2003 or 2007 option.  You can then start typing the numerical code or relevant words and pick a code from the suggested results. To add multiple SIC codes, keep typing after you have selected your first result. 

Industry Keywords

Industry keywords are unique to DueDil, and are generated by scanning company websites and descriptions of their products and services, and extracting key descriptive words.  They are particularly useful for finding very specific industry segments, and for searching for newer industries.

You can use them in two ways.  Use the 'All' option to find companies that match every one of the keywords you have selected.  Use the 'Any' option to find companies that match one or more of the keywords you have selected. 

The 'All' option helps to narrow down your results and make them more specific.  The 'Any' option helps to widen your search.

To search by keyword, navigate to the Industry category and pick Industry Keywords.  You can then start typing words and phrases and start adding in suggested keywords. Keep typing after you have selected your first result to add multiple keywords quickly. 

Optimising your industry searching

You can use SIC codes and keywords together, to affect the size and specificity of your results.

Layering specific keywords over an SIC code can be a good way to create a very specific and reliable list.  For example, to find human rights lawyers, you could use the SIC 2007 code for legal activities and the keyword 'human rights'.

For further advice on how to optimise your industry searching, please feel free to contact your customer success manager.