How can I search for a company by characteristic? | DueDil

How can I search for a company by characteristic?

DueDil allows you to find ideal prospects, partners and suppliers by searching for companies by characteristics.  Using the search filters on the Find companies page, you can create lists of prospects, suppliers or partners based on industry, financial characteristics, age and more.

The filters are arranged into six categories: 

  • Basic information - company name, company of incorporation, status, incorporation date, age, website
  • Industry - industry keywords and SIC codes
  • Location - registered address and trading address
  • Size - employees, turnover, turnover growth, EBITDA, EBITDA growth, net assets, net assets growth, total assets, total assets growth, number of subsidiaries
  • Financials - eg. turnover, profit, assets, depreciation - for a full list see the Financial filters knowledge base page
  • Growth - growth of a range of financial filters - for a full list see the Growth filters knowledge base page

The filters can be combined and layered to identify a very specific industry segment.  An summary of the filters you've used will be visible at the top of the results, which you can use to help you adjust your filters and results.

You can also sort the order of your results, by clicking the relevant column heading in your results.

For example, if your service is for fast growing tech companies, you could use a combination of industry classification and turnover growth to get a list of prospects.  Your results will be sorted by the filter characteristics you have used.