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Searching by basic information

The Basic Information category allows you to create a list based on key details.

Company Name

This filter allows you to type in a whole company name (registered or trading) to find a specific company, or to use parts of a company name (which can sometimes help you to find certain industries or to find a certain type of company like a PLC).

Country of Incorporation

This filter lets you set the country the companies in your list are incorporated in.  At present, you can choose from the UK and Ireland.


The company status filter allows you to choose whether companies in your list are actively trading, dormant, or inactive.

By default, company status is set to Active.  This includes all companies currently trading.

Intermediate includes companies that are not necessarily actively trading, but haven't been dissolved, like companies in liquidation or receivership.  You can select all by ticking the Intermediate box, or select a specific status by clicking the black arrow to expand the selection.

Inactive includes companies that are no longer trading, for example if they have been dissolved or ceased.   You can select all by ticking the Inactive box, or select a specific status by clicking the black arrow to expand the selection.

Incorporation Date

Using this filter, you can set specific dates between which companies in your list were incorporated.  You can set your own dates, or use the pre-set suggestions. 


You can use this filter to choose which range of ages, in years, your results will be.  There are suggested values of: 

Startup (up to 5 years)
Young (5 to 10 years)
Expansion (10 to 20 years)
Established (20 to 50 years)
Iconic (50 years and above)


You can use the website filter to search by part of whole of a web URL to help idenitfy a company for which you have a website, but don't know the registered name.  Just start typing to bring up suggestions.