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Keeping track of recent activity and key events - News

Each company page has a News section, dedicated to showing recent media, filing events and communications from the company.  You can receive notifications about any of these events in your Dashboard by adding the company to a List.

In The News

This section shows news stories relating to the company, allowing you to easily be aware of any adverse media, awards, or product launches.

You can sort the news stories by topic, date range, and article source, to help cut out noise and show you only stories that are relevant to you.  

For more information, please visit the 'What are your News sources?' and 'Filtering News by Topic' pages on the Knowledge Base.


Relating more to a sales application of DueDil, the Opportunities section flags key sales triggers such as a company entering it's budget window, or there being a change in directorship.

For a full list, just click on'Filter by event type'.

Often these events are pertinent from a compliance perspective, so it's worth passing your eye over this section.


The Risks section fills you in on any recent events that might have had a bearing on the level of risk you assign to a company.  It includes events such as changes to County Court Judgements or credit rating, director disqualifications, and more. 

For a full list, just click on'Filter by event type'.


This section collects recent tweets made by the company to help you stay abreast of recent PR and communications.