How do I configure the Salesforce connector? | DueDil

How do I configure the Salesforce connector?

To configure the Salesforce connector, first make sure that the accounts on your subscription are linked to their respective Salesforce accounts, as detailed on the 'How can I integrate DueDil with Salesforce?' page.

It's advisable to set up an administrator (get in touch with us to set one up) to configure the connector, to ensure the information being moved across from DueDil to Salesforce is uniform.  The administrator should also ensure that all users have Salesforce permissions to create accounts, contacts and leads for the connector to work successfully.

To configure the connector, go to the 'Salesforce' page under CRM Preferences in your account.  It's then a simple case of matching your Salesforce fields to DueDil data fields.

Please note that if you have custom fields in your Salesforce, you'll need to use the Static Value DueDil field.  Incorrectly configured custom fields, and required fields that aren't covered by DueDil data, will prevent the connector from creating records in Salesforce.

The fields you can export from DueDil to Salesforce are as follows:

Account      Contact   Lead
Name   Forename   Forename
Registered Company Number   Middle Name   Middle Name
Company Type   Surname   Surname
Country of Incorporation   Date of Birth   Date of Birth
Incorportation Date   Month of Birth   Month of Birth
Status   Nationality   Nationality
Description   Title   Title
DueDil Company URL   Post Title   Post Title
No of Employees   DueDil Director URL   DueDil Director URL
Website   Appointment Date   Appointment Date
SIC2007 Code   Function   Function
SIC2007 Description   Position   Position
SIC2003 Code   Active   Active
SIC2003 Description   Address 1   Address 1
Year End (Month)   Address 2   Address 2
Latest Accounts Date   Address 3   Address 3
Account Filing Currency   Address 4   Address 4
Full Registered Address   Resignation Date   Resignation Date
Registered Address 1   DueDil - Date/Time   DueDil - Date/Time
Registered Address 2   Static Value   Static Value
Registered Address 3        
Registered Address 4        
Registered Address Postcode        
Registered Address Phone        
Full Trading Address        
Trading Address 1        
Trading Address 2        
Trading Address 3        
Trading Address 4        
Trading Address Postcode        
Trading Address Phone        
Turnover Delta Percentage        
Gross Profit        
Gross Profit Delta Percentage        
Profit After Tax        
Profit After Tax Delta Percentage        
Total Assets        
Net Assets        
Trade Debtors        
Trade Debtors Delta Percentage        
Trade Creditors        
Trade Creditors Delta Percentage        
Total Liabilities        
Total Liabilities Delta Percentage        
Total Assets Delta Percentage        
Net Assets Delta Percentage        
DueDil - Date/Time        
Static Value