Can I remove my data? | DueDil

Can I remove my data?

Information on companies and directors is derived from open data which is made publicly available under the terms of Crown Copyright from the Companies House registry in the United Kingdom, and the Companies Registration Office registry in the Republic of Ireland.

Your information appears on DueDil because we mirror the data in the official registry.  Any company and director information submitted to them is in the public domain.

While we understand that some companies and directors would prefer not to be listed, we believe that all businesses stand to benefit from a more transparent environment, and do not remove information unless it reflects a change made at the official registry.

If you would like to remove your details, the best way is to send an email and quote the company number of your company. For the UK, email Companies House at or call them on 0303 1234 500. For the CRO in Ireland, email or call them on 01 804 5200.

When that happens all changes will update automatically on DueDil within 2 to 14 working days.

If you would like to stop your personal (directorship) details from appearing in search engine results, please fill in this form.