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  1. How can I find new prospects for my business on DueDil?
  2. How can I keep track of my prospects?
  3. How can I look for businesses in multiple locations?
  4. How to save a search and run it?
  5. What are events?
  6. How do I create a list?
  7. Can I share a list with my team?
  8. How do I connect my Salesforce account to DueDil?
  9. Can I configure my Salesforce Connector?
  10. How can I create a new Salesforce account with DueDil?
  11. Can I export DueDil leads into Salesforce in bulk?
  12. How can I open my Salesforce account in DueDil?
  13. How can I update my Salesforce account in DueDil?
  14. Why was my Salesforce account authorization unsuccessful?
  15. Why aren't all of my Salesforce account, contact or lead fields available for mapping in Salesforce preferences?
  16. What does the "Please check your Salesforce configuration or try again later" error mean?
  17. I've created a Salesforce account but there's data missing. Where is it?
  18. I would like to sell to companies outside of the UK: what do you have?
  19. How can I export business information from DueDil?
  20. Where can I export DueDil data to?
  21. How often is the data in my dashboard updated?
  22. What is DueDil Connect?
  23. How can I unlink my account?
  24. Where can I see my contacts at a company?
  25. Why do I see email addresses?
  26. How can I ask for an introduction to a decision-maker?
  27. How can I search for companies where I, or my colleagues, have contacts?
  28. My contact doesn’t work at that company anymore: why are you showing out-of-date data?
  29. I don’t know a contact that is displayed as connected to me: why am I seeing them on DueDil?
  30. How do I remove my link to a contact?